CIT8 Nationals!

With the conclusion of our 13 regionals across the United States, the finalists have been decided and will converge on Chicago on March 14th, 2015 for the 8th College Improv Tournament National Championships. Once again taking place at the Vittum Theater, this years Nationals will consist of 4 Super Regional matches, featuring the winning teams from each regional. The winners from those 4 matches will compete that evening in our National Championship Title Match, and a new CIT National Champion will be declared!

Here is the match schedule. Tickets can be purchased at the Vittum Theater website by clicking HERE!


East Super Regional – 12:00pm
1. Buttered Niblets - Johns Hopkins University
2. Ferral Christine - Sarah Lawrence College
3. Seriously Bent - Suffolk University

North Super Regional –  2:00pm
1. 45 Kings - Loyola University Chicago
2. Improv Mafia - Illinois State University
3. Paperback Rhino - University of Iowa

South Super Regional – 4:00pm
1. 6chix - Savannah College of Art and Design
2. Improv Athens - University of Georgia
3. Roll Out The Barrel - University of North Texas

West Super Regional – 6:00pm
1. Charles Darwin Experience - University of Arizona
2. Dead Parrots Society - Western Washington University
3. Improvability - University of California Santa Barbara
4. Super Supportive - Kansas State University


Winner of 12pm Playoff
Winner of 2pm Playoff
Winner of 4pm Playoff
Winner of 6pm Playoff