Congrats to our CIT8 Champions!

Huge congrats to newest College Improv Tournament Champions, Feral Christine from Sarah Lawrence University!!

After winning the Big Apple Regional tournament, Feral Christine barreled forward into our National Championships with several incredible sets. After being delcared the winners of our East Super Regional, they moved forward into our National Championship matches and took home the trophy! Check them out below and stay tuned for more information regarding CIT8!


Gearing up for CIT Nationals!

Preparations are well underway as we move closer to the College Improv Tournament’s 8th National Championships! Once again, this Saturday’s tournament will feature a wide array of talented improvisors from across the country. Of the 13 teams vying for the title of National Champion, 7 teams are returning to the National level, while another 6 groups have advanced to the Chicago stage for the first time.

Our returning teams to CIT Nationals are The Buttered Niblets (Johns Hopkins University), The Charles Darwin Experience (University of Arizona), The Dead Parrots Society (Western Washington University), Improv Athens (University of Georgia), Improv Mafia (Illinois State University), Paperback Rhino (Iowa State University), and Seriously Bent (Suffolk University).

Big congrats to the teams joining us for the first time ever! 45 Kings (Loyola University), 6chix (Savannah College of Art and Design), Feral Christine (Sarah Lawrence College), Improvability (University of California Santa Barbara), Roll Out The Barrel (University of North Texas), and Super Supportive (Kansas State University) will be joining us for the first time in the battle for the national title.

A wide variety of groups will take the stage throughout the day, with some teams being as small as 4 players, while our largest group will bring 11 players strong. There are several firsts in this years National Championship, including the first Wildcard Winner to advance into the Nationals (Seriously Bent), and our first all-female team to grace the stage (6chix)! This year is also the first time that the Nationals will be broken up into Super Regional competitions before our final Championship Match. By next Saturday 4 new Super Regional Champions will be chosen as the best improv teams in that regional!


Here are some further stats on each of the teams:

45 Kings – 1st time in Nationals. In the past 5 years of the Windy City Regional, no team has returned two years in a row, making it one of the most competitive regionals in the tournament. Their coach, Caleb George, is a former CIT Nationals competitor and is the first time a CIT player has returned to competition as a coach.

6chix – 1st time in Nationals, although Savannah College of Art and Design has been represented on the National level as The Mobb Line in previous years. Our first ever Chicago Open Regional winner, and the first all-female team to advance to the National level. GIRL POWER! SCAD has always been a fierce competitor in the the tournament and this year their coach, David Storck, led three different teams into the finals rounds in our CIT Regionals. He has also coached two of SCAD’s previous Nationals teams – huge props to David for his excellent work with collegiate improv!

The Buttered Niblets – 3rd time in Nationals. Consistently a powerful team in the competition, The Buttered Niblets have defended their title as the Liberty Bell Regional Champion for three years in a row.

The Charles Darwin Experience – 2nd time in Nationals. Last time they competed in Nationals, it was as the West Coast Regional Champion – currently they are the Golden Gate Regional Champs. They are the second team ever to win in two different regionals (the other is Left Right Tim from University of Colorado).

Dead Parrots Society – 5th time in Nationals. Two time defending champ of the Northwest Regional and National Champions of our 2011 competition.

Feral Christine – 1st time in Nationals. Our current Big Apple Regional Champions. With seven players, this is the first time Feral Christine has been in the competition, and they’ve already advanced to the National level!

Improvability – 1st time in Nationals. Our current West Coast Regional champs, this group has been a part of CIT since 2010 and have consistently brought quality improv to our stages. This year they’ve advanced with a smaller group, but the full team will be along to support!

Improv Athens – 4th time in Nationals. Two time defending champions of South Regional, they are a consistent powerhouse in the CIT community. They’re also super nice and wonderful.

The Improv Mafia – 7th time in Nationals. Five time defending champs of the Lower Midwest Regional, and winners of our 2009 National Championship. They have won more CIT awards than any other team in CIT’s 8 year history.

Paperback Rhino – 4th time in Nationals. Four time defending champs of the Upper Midwest Regional, and one of our largest teams with 10 players. Two years ago they placed 3rd in our National tournament, and have always been heavy contenders in the tournament.

Roll Out The Barrel – 1st time in Nationals. Our current Southwest Regional champs, this is one of our smallest teams with only 4 players. This is also the only team in Nationals that is all-male! GUY POWER!

Seriously Bent – 6th time in Nationals. This team has won the New England regional 4 times, and have placed 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in previous National competitions. This year they won their regional as a Wildcard team, marking the first time a Wildcard team has advanced into the National level. They also boast 11 members, making them the largest team in the competition.

Super Supportive – 1st time in Nationals. Our current Heartland Regional champs, this is also the first time this team has competed in the College Improv Tournament. Consisting of two seniors, one junior, and one freshman, this 4-person team won against 10 other team in our Heartland Regional to advance to the Chicago stage!


Join us this Saturday at the Vittum Theater in Chicago, IL for all the action! If you’re not able to join us in Chicago, watch the LIVE WEBCAST of all the matches right here starting at 12pm CST!


CIT8 Nationals!

With the conclusion of our 13 regionals across the United States, the finalists have been decided and will converge on Chicago on March 14th, 2015 for the 8th College Improv Tournament National Championships. Once again taking place at the Vittum Theater, this years Nationals will consist of 4 Super Regional matches, featuring the winning teams from each regional. The winners from those 4 matches will compete that evening in our National Championship Title Match, and a new CIT National Champion will be declared!

Here is the match schedule. Tickets can be purchased at the Vittum Theater website by clicking HERE!


East Super Regional – 12:00pm
1. Buttered Niblets - Johns Hopkins University
2. Ferral Christine - Sarah Lawrence College
3. Seriously Bent - Suffolk University

North Super Regional –  2:00pm
1. 45 Kings - Loyola University Chicago
2. Improv Mafia - Illinois State University
3. Paperback Rhino - University of Iowa

South Super Regional – 4:00pm
1. 6chix - Savannah College of Art and Design
2. Improv Athens - University of Georgia
3. Roll Out The Barrel - University of North Texas

West Super Regional – 6:00pm
1. Charles Darwin Experience - University of Arizona
2. Dead Parrots Society - Western Washington University
3. Improvability - University of California Santa Barbara
4. Super Supportive - Kansas State University


Winner of 12pm Playoff
Winner of 2pm Playoff
Winner of 4pm Playoff
Winner of 6pm Playoff