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When Does Registration End?

So here’s the deal, we accept registrations up until a week before the regional takes place.  HOWEVER! We only allow 16 teams per regional, and this year we do expect a few regionals to fill up.  The registration is first come, first serve.

You’ll notice that some of our regionals have changed dates, and if that has affected your participation in that regional, you should know you can submit to ANY regional, but that your team can only compete in one.  Simply email and let us know.
Keith Habersberger announced as new CIT Producer

Keith Habersberger began his relationship with CIT in 2007 when he competed in the first ever CIT (then known as CCC, the College Comedy Competition) with the Illinois State University “Improv Mafia.”

In the second year of the tournament, Keith was the team captain of the Improv Mafia, and IM went on to win the 2008-2009 CIT National Championship.

Since graduating college, Keith worked as an emcee (2009-10), assistant producer (2010-2011), and associate producer (2011-2012) of the tournament.

On Sunday, September 9th 2012, Keith was officially named Producer of the College Improv Tournament.  Keith is prepared for the challenge of running the world’s largest improv tournament, and considers himself extremely fortunate to have this opportunity.

Keith wants to wish all the teams good luck in this year’s tournament, and he is excited to see how the 6th year of this tournament plays out over the next 6 months.

The Importance of Friendship

by Keith Habersberger

If you know me, you know that I am a huge proponant of improv groups being more than just people who rehearse and perform improv.  I think the key to excellent improv lies in the relationships beyond the stage.

During my time in college, I quickly learned that our improv group was a lot like a fraternity.  In addition to meeting to rehearse on Saturdays and Mondays and meeting to perform on Tuesdays, we also reserved days for non-improv fun.  Thursday nights were always hangout nights, and we would go to one of the members’ apartments and party like college kids do.  We had dinner together before every show, and we goofed off after almost every rehearsal and show.  We spent about 10 hours a week hanging out as a 15 person group.  We rolled deep.

Bonding off the stage helped our group just as much as honing our skills in rehearsal.  We learned more about each other’s past, and we shared moments of happiness, as well as vulnerability.  We made mistakes in front of one another, and we picked each other up after those mistakes.

All of these shared moments strengthened our relationships with one another, and our strengthened relationships made noticeable improvements in our shows.  When we noticed that hanging out was really helping us grow, we hung out even more.

By the time I graduated, my college improv group had blown far past the status of friends, and had moved toward much more of a family.  Our weekly schedule looked something like this:

Monday night rehearsal, Tuesday night show, Wednesday night movie, Thursday night hangout, Friday night hangout, Saturday long form rehearsal, and Sunday night dinner.

Maybe we were a little excessive, but we were excessive together… and we loved every minute of it.


Running a college improv team is rarely one person’s responsibility.  The ideal team is filled with improvisers who all share a similar expectation for their group, and who discuss how to achieve the goals they lay out for themselves.

Set Goals

Have each group member share a year-long goal for themself and the group.  Talking about what you all want to achieve will help everyone understand the expectations of the group and will excite everyone to work toward those goals.

Regular Rehearsals, Regular Shows

The best groups in the country rehearse AND perform at least once a week.  College is one of the only times in your life that you will be able to draw a large, consistant crowd to perform for. Take advantage of this situation, and experiment with as many forms of improv as you can as long as you have an audience to bounce things off of.

Make Coming to Your Show the Easy Choice 

Have a regular show on a Tuesday or Wednesday night at 7 or 8 when nothing better is going on.  Have the show be free or only charge 1-3 dollars.  College kids are poor, but your probably already know that.


CIT Sponsors



Formed from alumni of their college group, Octavarius is one of the top indepentant teams in Chicago.  They’ve headlined the closing night of the Chicago Improv Festival and performed hundreds of shows featuring their signature long form/short form hybrid, The Nefarious.  

Octavarius: So Nefarious.

Voted #1 improv/sketch group in Chicago 2 YEARS RUNNING!

Bring us to your school or something!


CIT Indiegogo Fundraiser

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CIT is hoping to have more funds for this upcoming year.  If you can help, head over to our indiegogo fundraiser to contribute!

Donors and Thanks

We had an Indiegogo fundraiser and had lots of people help this year’s tournament.  Here are the names of those who helped!  CIT Thanks all of these individuals 

SO MUCH for helping us promote and expand College Improv.
James Chase
Greg Birdsell
Robert Price
Sean Monahan
Julie Pollard
Brad Hebert
Jay Sukow
Chris Gallerani
David Habersberger
Don and Patty Habersberger
Nathan Spring
Ratna D. Pande
Becky Miller
Shabnam Gupta
Colleen Mooney
David Fink
Austin Bridges
Chad Rhiness
Adina Kwasigroch
Susan Frost
Kyle Levien
Kim & Greg Cox
Marc Muszynski
Nick Cardiff
Justin Terada
Adam Higgins 
Alison Luhrs
Logan Dean
Kenneth Kelly
Michael J. Kent
Laura Beggins
Tiffany Taylor Wines
Cody Lindley
Rosemary D. Mangalmurti
Michael DeMaria
Ben Capraro
Esteban Reyna
Michael DeMaria
2012-2013 CIT Regional Champs
Windy City Regional Champion
Kids These Days!
Wheaton College

West Coast Regional Champion

Barren Mind!

Arizona State University

New England Regional Champion

Seriously Bent

Suffolk University  

Upper Midwest Regional Champion
Paperback Rhino

University of Iowa
Heartland Regional Champion
The Best Best Friends
University of Missouri
Lower Midwest Regional Champions
Improv Mafia
Illinois State University
Big Apple Regional

Princeton University
Southwest Regional Champion
University of Houston
South Regional Champion
The Mobb Line
Savannah College of Art and Design
Northwest Regional Champion
UBC Improv
University of British Columbia
Liberty Bell Regional Champion
The Buttered Niblets
Johns Hopkins University
Golden Gate Regional Champion
Awkward Silence
University of SanFrancisco
2012-2013 Wild Card Teams
Dead Parrots Society
Western Washington University
University of Missouri

The Whistling Shrimp
Cornell University

Red Light School Disctrict
University of Illinois Chicago



On Camera Talent at the 2013 National Championship!
Keith Habersberger (’08-’09 CIT National Champion Team Improv Mafia) and Alison Luhrs (’11-’12 CIT National Champion Team Dead Parrot Society) will be the Co-Anchors of this year’s College Improv Tournament National Competition.
Keith is the producer of the CIT Regional Tournaments, and has been a professional improviser for 4 years.  Members of his college improv group continued on after college to form Octavarius, one of the best indie groups in Chicago.
Alison has been an assistant producer of the CIT Northwest Regional for the last 2 years.  Since college, she has created Mirum Mirum, her own theatre company in Seattle.

Caleb George

’09 -’10 Southwest Regional Champion

Scatter!  – University of Houston

Caleb has been living in Chicago since graduating in 2010.  Since then he has become an ensemble member with ComedySportz Chicago, as well as recently joining the Chicago Improv League (a league formed from CIT Alumni who have since moved to the city).  This will be his third year emceeing the Nationals

Guest Coaches

Frank Caeti – MadTV

This year, the College Improv Tournament teams will all have a pro on their side…

Frank Caeti will be the coach of all 16 teams, reving them up and giving them incredibly motivational, on-camera locker room speeches.

Frank is an alumnus of the famed Second City and has appeared in several sketch comedy shows such as MadTV (where he was both a writer and cast member), Reno 911, and Key and Peele.

Sideline Reporters
Rashawn Nadine Scott
11-’12 CIT National Champion Team
Dead Parrot Society – Western Washington U

Rashawn will be one of our 2 sideline reporters, interviewing family members and friends of the teams competing in this year’s College Improv Tournament Nationals.
Rashawn has recently moved to Chicago to continue persuing her career in comedy and theater.  She can currently be seen competing in the Chicago Improv League on Sunday nights at 8:30 at ComedySportz Chicago.


Mike Norris
’08-’09 CIT National Champion Team
Improv Mafia – Illinois State University

Mike started improvising the same way a lot of people do; with his friends in a basement. Since then, he’s performed in church basements, downstair rooms at bars, college dorm basement activity rooms, and even above-ground venues. He toured with MISSION IMPROVable, performs in a thriller-themed drinking show, Hitch-Cocktails, and works regularly with CIP’s grade school educational outreach shows “Storybox for Kids” and “the Make ‘Em Ups.” He’s not a good singer.



From CIT to Greatness


SNL Featured Cast Member – Aidy Bryant


Aidy Bryant, who competed in the first-ever College Improv Tournament with Columbia College’s Droppin $cience, has now achieved the dream of all comedians: a coveted spot on Saturday Night Live. Aidy is proof that CIT provides the first look at the next generation of Star Comedians.



CBS’s Unforgettable Recurring Character – Britt Lower 

Britt was a member of the 2007-2008 CIT Championship Team, “Titanic Players:Old Tom Jar” from Northwestern University.

Britt actually used the footage from her final round performance with Old Tom Jar as her audition for the show Big Lake, directed and written by Adam McKay and Will Ferrell. She landed a recurring role on the short-lived series.

Since then, Britt has landed herself a recurring role on CBS’s “Unforgettable”.




Bravo’s LOLwork – Alison Luhrs 

Alison was the team captain of the 2010-2011 National Championship team Dead Parrots Society from Western Washington University.

Alison now works at the internet’s largest comedy destination, “the Cheezburger Network.” She not only acts in their web-series “Know Your Meme,” but she will also be in Bravo’s new show “LOLwork”.



ComedyCentral’s Workaholics – Dan Lippert

Dan Lippert was the team captain of the 2008-2009 West Coast Regional Champions, Second Nature from USC.

He now regularly performs at the UCB theatre in Los Angeles, and has had a speaking role on the wildly popular Comedy Central show “Workaholics”.


CIT Regional Tournaments – Venues, Teams, and Matches

October 27, 2012 – New England Regional (Boston, MA) – Cambridge YMCA Theatre

November 3, 2012 – CIT Alumni Association Showcase (Chicago, IL) – Athenaeum Theatre

November 10, 2012 – Upper Midwest Regional (Minneapolis, MN) – HUGE Theatre

November 17, 2012 – Big Apple Regional (NYC, NY) – Magnet Theatre

December 1, 2012 – West Coast Regional (Santa Monica, CA) – M.I.’s West Side Theatre

January 12-13, 2013 – Windy City Regional (Chicago, IL) – ComedySportz Chicago

January 19, 2013 – Northwest Regional (Seattle, WA) – Jet City Improv

January 19, 2012 – Liberty Bell Regional (Philadelphia, PA) – Philadelphia Improv Theatre, @ The Adrienne Skybox

January 26th, 2013 – Southwest Regional (Austin, TX) – Hideout Theatre

February 2, 2013 – Heartland Regional (Kansas City, MO) – Comedy City

February 9, 2013 – Golden Gate Regional (San Francisco, CA) – The Un-Scripted Theater

February 16, 2013 – Lower Midwest Regional (Indianapolis, IN) – ComedySportz Indianapolis

February 23, 2013 – South Regional (Atlanta, GA) – Dad’s Garage



Congrats to Seriously Bent From Suffolk University for winning the CIT New England Regional Championship!

College Improv Tournament – New England Regional 

at the YMCA Cambridge Theatre

This year’s CIT NER will take place at the YMCA Cambridge theatre and will have teams from the New England Area competing in matches throughout the day.  Check out the venue location and ticket info below, and scroll further for team info!

YMCA Cambridge Theatre

820 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA

Match Schedule

12pm match

Guerilla Improv – Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Three Letter Acronym – Harvard University

Seriously Bent – Suffolk University

2pm match

Committee for Creative Enactments – Boston College

Immediate Gratification Players – Harvard University

Nu & Improv’d – Northeastern University

4pm match

Cheap Sox – Tufts University

Otter Nonsense Players – Middlebury College

TBA – Brandeis University

12PM Match 


Seriously Bent

College or University =Suffolk University

Performing Members = Zachary Barker, Ethan Bukowiec, Tobias Foglia, Andrew King, Amanda Sousa, Joey Talluto, Tatjana von Rosen
Non-Performing members = Anthony Passafiume, Andrew Cataluna
Team Description Suffolk University. We perform both longform and shortform improv, and are excited to perform alongside so many other incredibly talented teams at the College Improv Tournament!

Guerilla Improv

 College or University – Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)

Performing Members –  Caleb Ruvich, Greg DiLullo, Molly Ott, Alex Kafantis,  Neil Pomerleau, Angela Davis,  Michael Perrone, CJ Flanagan

Three Letter Acronym
College or University = Harvard University
Performing Members Doug Bright, Kyla Haggerty, Lily Karlin, Gideon Nachman, Will Poff-Webster, Blythe Roberson, Michael Shayan

Team Description = Three Letter Acronym is Harvard’s first and only Harold team. We perform shows comprising of two Harolds at least once a month on the Harvard campus. We also have had the chance to perform at the Del Close Marathon, the NYC Improv Festival, and the Boston Comedy Arts Festival. We are utterly psyched to be a part of this year’s CIT.
2PM Match


NU & Improv’d
College/University = Northeastern
Performing Members = Kelsey Meagher, Gabe Feldstein, Kevin Comer, Clare Cashen, Kenny Gray, Billy Galante, Sonya McDonald
Non-Performaing Members = Kellyn Morrow
Group Description =  We are students at Northeastern who participate in and experiment with improvisational comedy. Looking to get back to Chicago to finish what we started. Seriously hell bent on the cup.

College/University = Boston College
Performing Members = Jack Masterson, Emma Misset, Sam Monk, Ryan McGrath, Jill Lawler, Brendan Connelly, Zander Weiss, Chris Pinto, Phil Seidl

Group Description = We are an improv comedy group at BC and we don’t make cuts, teaching the art of improv to anyone who’s willing to learn. We also have a scripted murder-mystery comedy show twice a year.
The Immediate Gratification Players

College/University = Harvard University

Performing Members = Katherine Damm, Alex McCue, Andy Boyd Ezra Stoller, Jake Silberg, Libby Coleman, Nicky Hirschhorn, Aaron Henricks, Ari Brenner
Non-Performaing Members = Christopher FrugÃ, Martha Farlow

Group Description = The Immediate Gratification Players are a long-form improvisational comedy troupe from Harvard Unversity. We have been performing free on-campus shows since the fall of 1986, including an annual festival that attracts college troupes from across the country. IGP has also taken its improv on the road, traveling to such places as Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, London, and the Bay Area, and we are psyched to be participating in this year’s CIT!

4PM Match



Cheap Sox


College or University = Tufts University
Performing Members = Rachel Schoenbrun, David Schwartz, Adam Bangser, Dan Katz-Zeiger, Katie Wartella, Rachel Weinstock, Wally Napier, Michele Herzog, Marcus Hunter
Team Description = Cheap Sox is Tufts only improv troupe, performing predominantly short form improv. They dress in pink bowling shirts and know how to get a good bargain.


To Be Announced
College/University = Brandeis University
Performing Members = Ari Ehrmann, Jon Jecker, Yoni Sebag, Rachel Huvard, Julian Seltzer, Gabby Zilkha, Jake Cohen, Erica Evans, Jay Dev
Non-Performaing Members = Clare Churchill-Seder, Rafi Abramowitz

Group Description = To Be Announced is from Brandeis University and is the only group there that combines short-form and long-form improv with sketch comedy. 

Otter Nonsense

College or University = Middlebury College
Performing Members = Ben Orbison, Adam Benay, Chris De La Cruz, Alexandra Kennedy, Jenny Johnston, Ricky Chen
Non-Performing members = Adam Milano, Greg Dorris
Team Description = The Otter Nonsense Players are Middlebury College’s oldest improv comedy group. Historically, the Otters have been a long-form based group, trying different structures from monologue deconstructions to improvised Shakespearean plays. More recently, however, the group has been focusing on the Harold. Along with improvising, the group has made two Web Series for Funny or Die and you can see their sketches on the show “College Quickies” on MTVu.


Congrats to Paperback Rhino from the University of Iowa for winning the 
CIT Upper Midwest Regional Championship!
Match Schedule
12pm match
Hi I’m Prov – Lawrence University
Paperback Rhino – University of Iowa 
Runner Up Improv – Winona State University 
Top Banana – Luther College 
2pm match
Blue Light Special – Iowa Central Community College 
Breakfast for Dinner – University of Minnesota-Morris 
Friendship Cave – University of Wisconsin- Madison
To Be Determined – NDSU 
4pm match
21 Club – Minneapolis College of Art & Design 
Merely Players – Carthage College 
Understudies – University of Wisconsin-Madison 

3037 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN

12pm Match

Hi I’mProv

College or University – Lawrence University

Performing members – Joram Zbichorski, Brian Zindler, Nick Paulson, Myles Wagner, Sadie Lancrete, Shannon Kreuser, Abi Leveille

Team Description – Lawrence’s only improv group! We do a mix of long form and short form.

Paperback Rhino
College/University = University of Iowa
Performing Members = Mary Fessler, Chloe Metzger, Tyler Lynch, Zach Spindler, Spencer Hawk, Riley Cook, Shane Nielsen, Nick Kleese, Connett Croghan, Dan Wilkinson

Non-Performaing Members = Ben Mackey, Sirena Lindsay

Group Description = Paperback Rhino is a short & long form improv group from the University of Iowa. This will be their fourth year performing at CIT and they are almost TOO excited about it.

RunnerUp Comedy Troupe
College/University = Winona State University
Performing Members = Hannah Jones, Jackson Collins, Olivia Wulf, Mark Babel, Matthew Wenzel, Anthony Stewart, Erik Larson
Non-Performaing Members = Abbey Hammel, Brady Beckman, Adam Calcagno

Group Description = Hailing from the bluffs of Winona, MN, we’re RunnerUp Comedy Troupe! We come to kick butt and get laughs, and we’re all out of butt. And, if we run out of laughs… well, we’ll improvise.

Top Banana
College/University = Luther College
Performing Members = Chris Paulson, Sarah McRoberts, Nicole Billips, Ted Ortega, Pat Fagan, Chelanga Langason, Kristina Nienhaus, Charlie Bruer, Mary Bissen
Non-Performaing Members = Michael Johnson, Maggie Pierson

Group Description = jolly, rotund and ready for action

2pm Match

Blue Light Special

College or University: Iowa Central Community College

Performing Members: Marty Wessels, Martin Wise, Rebecca Perryman, Alex Sudbrock, Maria FranCois, Trevor Erdman, Logun Buckler, Chris Keller, Daniel Peet

Non-Performing Members: Ben McCartney

Team Description: This is Blue Light Specials’ competitive debut!   Like many in this spread out middle, BLS is proud to be the only Long Form Improv troupe in our area. Looking forward to seeing what other forms take shape from our region.

Breakfast For Dinner
College/University: University of Minnesota: Morris
Performing Members: Alek Sievert, Alex Kies, Emma Randolph, Jesse
Carlson, Isaac Deragon, Peter Ray
Non-Performing Members: Andrew Sletten

Team Description: The University of Minnesota at Morris’ official
long-form improv troupe, and the only improvised comedy happening for
roughly 100 miles in any direction! Breakfast for Dinner is excited
for their 4th year competing in the College Improv Tournament.

Friendship Cave
College/University = University of Wisconsin- Madison
Performing Members = Rayna Christman, Heba Elorbany, Kate Fernan, Billy Garcia, Emily Heller, Ethan Krupp, Julia Mercer, Maurissa Myers, Alec Valadez, Olivia Zeuske 

Group Description = Friendship Cave is more than a group of long form improvisers, it’s a group of friends. From a couple of highly driven Jews, to a Math major, to a Mexican, Friendship Cave finds its diversity wows audiences into laughs and giggles fun for the whole family!

To Be Determined
College/University = North Dakota State University

Performing Members = Davis Steen, Reid Lunemann, Maria Keeler, Chris Berstler, Michelle Pierce, Alison Olson, Sarah Palm, Alex Stoks
Non-Performaing Members = Jordan Arel, Austin Parrish
Group Description = We are NDSU’s best short-form improv group, not to mention the only one. We come from the great state of North Dakota and the city of Fargo (yes the one from the movie. And yes we’ve seen it.).
4pm Match


21 Club
College or University = Minneapolis College of Art and Design
Performing Members = Antonio Gutierrez, Ben Lifson, Brennan Gasser, Chris Gasser, Dawson Walker, Hilary Greenstein, Jei Gross, Leigh Luna, Madeline McGrane, Kay Rossbach 

Team Description = 21 Club is a bunch of art students doing long form improv! 



Merely Players
College or University = Carthage College
Performing Members = Ben McGuiggan, Brent Nemetz, Zach Allen, Shannon Fox, Rose Grizzell, Eric Marquis, Sean Mobley, Grant Brooks, 
Non-Performing members = Elliot Culp, Matt “Duck” Schaeflein, Josh Parton, Neil Geitslinger

Team Description = A sprinkling of minds brought together to make the improv cake delicious!


The Understudies

College/University: University of Wisconsin Madison

Performing Members: Toler Wolfe, Nick Hertog, Abby Frank, Eric Wiig, Jackson Reed, Doug Greenberg, Beth Slotten
Non-Performing Members: Laurel Kordyban, Ian Erickson, Matt Stone, Katherine Jost

Team Description: UW Madison’s only short form improv group



Congrats to Quipfire! from Princeton for winning the 

College Improv Tournament Big Apple Regional!

CIT Big Apple Regional 

12pm Match
The Whistling Shrimp – Cornell University
Scatterbomb – Manhattan College
A 4 Effort – Rutgers University
2pm Match
Dangerbox – New York University
Yale Exit Players – Yale University
Quipfire! – Princeton University
Fruit Paunch – Columbia University
4pm Match
Gag Reflex – Wesleyan University
The Georgetown Improv Association – Georgetown University
Horse Lincoln Improv – University of Connecticut

7pm Finals Match
12pm winner
2pm winner
4pm winner
Wildcard (best of second place teams)

The Magnet Theatre

254 West 29th Street (at 8th Avenue)

New York City, NY 10001

12pm Match


The Whistling Shrimp


College or University = Cornell University
Performing Members 


Jon Zucker, Keith Newman, Chris McGinn, Olivia Krebs, Jessica Evans


Team Description = Cornell University’s improv comedy troupe. We’re so excited to be able to come back to the CIT this year!

College/University = Manhattan College
Performing Members = Megan McShane, Tom Engelhart, Liz Cunningham, Robbie Skorge, Tyler White, Gavin Sass, Brendan Goggins, Sam Martin

Group Description = Scatterbomb is Manhattan College’s own infamous improv troupe founded back in the mid 00’s and THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW! 


A 4 Effort


College/University = Rutgers New Brunswick
Performing Members = Bryton McGrath, Alex Puhalla, Dan Conroy, Stephanie Siano, Ryan Gentek, Jordan Tepper
Group Description = A 4 Effort is Rutgers’ own improv comedy troupe. Performing both long and short form improv, the A4E troupe is always looking to expand and explore.

2pm Match


Dangerbox Improv


College or University = New York University
Performing Members = Allison Brown, Arman Mohazzabfar, Kyleigh Johnson, Rachel Joravsky, Curtis Ascher, Alex Song, Stephanie Wurster
Non-Performing members = Cory Fraiman-Lott
Team Description = Dangerbox is NYU’s premiere long-form improv group, performing structures like montages, Armandos and Harolds – plus some stuff they made up all by themselves.

The Yale Exit Players
College/University = Yale University
Performing Members = Jacob Paul, Devin Race, Zoe Greenberg, Eliana Kwartler, Alex Lew
Non-Performaing Members = Ava Kofman
Group Description = The Yale Exit Players, founded in 1984, are Yale’s oldest improv group, a distinction that they earned when they were formed before any of the other improv groups at Yale.





College or University = Princeton University
Performing Members = David Drew, Daniel Feinberg, Nicolas Luzarraga, Adam Mastroianni, Jake Robertson, Amy Solomon, Carolyn Vasko

Team Description Quipfire! Improv Comedy is Princeton University’s oldest improv group, established in 1992. We perform both short and long form on campus, and across the country in an annual tour. We boast fancy alums like former Daily Show writers and Ellie Kemper of The Office and Bridesmaids. 




Fruit Paunch

College or University = Columbia University
Performing Members = Bob Vulfov, Eli Grober, Kaylin Mahoney, Shelby Swartz, Ian Armony, Jackson Fisher
Team Description = Founded in 2003, Fruit Paunch is Columbia University’s oldest improv comedy troupe. Since its formation, the group has developed its own style of long-form improv called “Unplugged,” which is nothing but chaos. One of the group’s annual shows is the “24-Hour Show” in the spring. Seeing the 24-Hour Show is repeatedly cited as a sacred Columbia tradition. Failing all of your final exams because you stayed up for 24 hours doing improv is repeatedly cited as a sacred Fruit Paunch tradition.


4pm Match


Gag Reflex


College/University = Wesleyan University
Performing Members = Taylor Goodstein, Liza Sankar-Gorton, Bennett Kirschner, Peter Conforti, Theodora Messalas, Gabe Walt
Non-Performaing Members = Jeremy Senie
Group Description = Gag Reflex performs the long-form Improv style called the Armando. It’s nice. 



Georgetown Improv Association

College or University Georgetown University

Performing Members Audrey Walker, Nehemiah Markos, Tucker Cholvin, Emlyn Crenshaw, Priya Sharma, Niel Christy, Daniel Graff, Joseph Luther, Louis de Tilly-Blaru 
Team Description Georgetown University’s long-form improvisational troupe founded in the spring of 1995. Its mission is to promote improv as an art form and to provide frequent and affordable performances to the Georgetown community and the greater public of the Washington area. Since 1997, the troupe has hosted Improvfest, one of the oldest collegiate improv festivals in the country.


Horse Lincoln Improv
College/University = University of Connecticut
Performing Members = Brittnie Carrier, Avery Desrosiers, Vicki Kallsen, Brenna Harvey, David Andrew, Will Biglin, Matt Fox, Julianne Norton, Marcel Wright, Adam Schuurmans 
Non-Performaing Members = Brian Ingmanson, Jackie DeBarge

Group Description = We’re a rag tag group of youngsters doing longform improv comedy from little ol’ Connecticut since 2008! Aw yeah!




CIT West Coast Regional 

Congrats to Barren Mind for their victory!
Match Schedule



2pm Match

Improv Revolution – University of California, Irvine

Barren Mind – Arizona State University

Comedy Corner – University of Arizona

Improv Anonymous – University of California, Riverside

4pm Match

Without A Box – Claremont Colleges

Second Nature – University of Southern California

Charles Darwin Experience – University of Arizona

Laser Squad Bravo – Loyola Marymount University

7pm Finals Match

2pm Winner

4pm Winner

Wild Card Team

M.I.’s Westside Comedy Theatre

1323 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA

2pm Match

Group Name = Improv Revolution
College/University = University of California, Irvine
Performing Members = Andra Whipple, Vinny Tangherlini, Zoe Moacanin, Marcus Munguia, Ben Ridge, Katie Reed, Golzar Yousefi, Shayda Shivaei 
Non-Performaing Members = Shin Shin Tsai

Group Description = UCI’s Improv Revolution does short form, long form, and anything else they can think to try! Visit us online at

Barren Mind

College: Arizona State University
Performing Members: Michael Skarsten, Ben Backhaus, Kaitlin O’Shaughnessy, Alice Stanley, Cole Libera, and Michael Margetis

Non-Performing Members: Rachel Cepeda, Justin Stechman, Noah Findling

Team Description: Barren Mind is Arizona State University’s weekly improv troupe that has been an ASU tradition for over the past 20 years. The group has gained national recognition with articles in Splitsider, and performances at the CIT nationals in Chicago. In addition, the group enjoys pizza.

Group Name = Comedy Corner
College or University = University of Arizona
Performing Members = Michael Dean Agius, Andrew Hatch, Christian Puentes, Lena Olsen, D.A. Conlogue, Claude Renner, Ray Thomas, Nathan Turner, Pelita Murumba, Zach Workman, Symeon Platts

Team Description = With roots going all the way back to 1979, Comedy Corner has been telling poo jokes for over 30 years. Their typical show consists of sketches as well as short and longform improv. They like pizza and they just wanna follow their dreams, y’know? 

Group Name = Improv Anonymous
College/University = University of California Riverside
Performing Members = David Christie, Jonathan Cheng Cote, Adam Zane Cook, Chen Santillan Wang, Mark Andrew Guillermo, Cristina Truong, Alex Taliaferro, Jessica Wuerth, Yang Liu, Jacob Moore
Non-Performaing Members = Henry Marshall, Michael Chen, Adrianne Blackwood, Gina Equihua, John Eggerth, Patrick Liu, Yasmin Kleinbart

Group Description = Hailing from the Californian Chaparral of Riverside, the University of California Riverside’s Improv Anonymous aims to bring laughter, both forced and involuntary, to everyone in the audience. Their primary purpose is to maintain their addiction to improv and bring both veterans and beginners into the wonderful world of improvised theatre. Although usually messing around with short form improv, they tend to dabble in long form improv, which ends up in tears and frustration mixed with laughter.

4pm Match

Group Name = Second Nature
College or University = University of Southern California (USC)

Performing Members = Lila Scott, Ian Carr, Charlie O’Connor, Shelby Fero, Tommy Waas, Sarah Khasrovi, Kevin Changaris

Team Description = USC’s long form improv troupe. 

Group Name = Without a Box
College or University = Claremont Colleges

Performing Members = Joseph Ocon, Jonah Breslau, Joseph Reynolds, Noah Weingarten, Bekah Manikowski, Jessica Kremer, Matthew Roberts, Daniel Weinand 

Non-Performing members = Rachel Weiner 

Team Description = A short- and long-form improv group from the five Claremont Colleges.

Group Name = The Charles Darwin Experience
College/University = The University of Arizona
Performing Members = Dan Thomson, Harrison Lehrman, Michael Campbell, Bryce Villalpando, Dana Dobbins

Group Description = The Charles Darwin Experience is a short form improv troupe from the University of Arizona. Founded in 1997, the group is entering it’s 16th year in weekly performances. They are so excited to be back at CIT’s West Coast Regional to play alongside all of the great improv talents on the West Coast! 

Laser Squad Bravo

College/University: Loyola Marymount University

Performing Members – TBA



Windy City Regional Champion
KidsTheseDays– WheatonCollege
Match Schedule


Prelims at pH Productions


The Whittakers – Wheaton College

Latchkey Kid – Loyola University

Red Light School District – University of Illinois-Circle

Occam’s Razor – University of Chicago


45 Kings – Loyola University

Cosby Sweaters – DePaul University

ROIAL Improv Players – Michigan State University

Kids These Days – Wheaton College

Prelims at Playground Theater


Don’t Call It Bill – University of Michigan

Lincoln’s Security Detail – Illinois College

Noise from the Basement – Dominican University

The Martha Stewart Home Collection – Columbia College


The Impro-fessionals – University of Michigan

Droppin’ $cience – Columbia College Chicago

Off Off Campus – University of Chicago

CIT WCR Tickets

Group Name = The Whittakers
College/University = Wheaton Improv
Performing Members = Hannah Taetzsch, Isaac Carter, Andrew Wolfe, Lucian Green, Sam Wilgus, Jeff Linton, Mallory Alpert, Troy de Freitas, Max Adams, Amy Kuhlman, Hannah Wolfe
Non-Performaing Members = Jacob Carter


Group Description = The Whittakers.

Group Name = Kids These Days
College/University = Wheaton College (IL)
Performing Members = Gwen Dreyer, Jon Jones, Ben Kinsinger, Andrew Wagner, Laura Ketchum, Peter Thompson, Sarah Neff
Non-Performaing Members = Amanda Gregornik

Group Description = Kids These Days.

Group Name = Red Light School District
College or University = UIC
Performing Members = Michael Saubert, Andreas Kounales, Taylor Murphy, Bethany Arrington, Tanous El-Kareh, Zak Zajac, Carly Carrano, Taylor Walters-Chapman, Trace Hamilton, Jazz Luckett, Mark Pontarelli 
Non-Performing members = John Van Ort, Destiney Strothers

Team Description = Created By UIC alumni Jake Lindquist in 2007, UIC’s Red Light SchoolDistrict prides itself on being a completely student run college improv troupe. Comprised of UIC students Red Light seeks to share with the college and community the healing voice of laughter. 

Completely self taught by our ensemble members who have studied at prestigious training studios such as IO Chicago, Second City, and Comedy Sportz Indiana, Red Light utilizes this training to create a collaborative troupe that focuses on relationships and team building skills. Red Light has also been work shopped with improv legend Dave Pasquesi from the famous TJ and Dave show. 

Recently Red Light has broken into community service held their first annual Toys For Tots Fundraiser show raising over 200 toys for the less fortunate.It is also a yearly participant in the Evergreen Park high School‘s Operation Snowball, that deals with helping high school kids live a life free of destructive decisions. 

Red Light also supports the non-profit organization communilink a community outreach program that helps those in need. 

They say Laughter is the best Medicine so Red Light has started a working relationship with Children’s Memorial Hospital bringing free kid appropriate improv shows to suffering children. RedLights Mission statement is to spread comedy and laughter throughout the Chicago land area and give back to the community with free comedy and laughter.
Regional Applying to = Windy City Regional (Chicago, IL)

Group Name: The Roial Improv Players
College/University: Michigan State University
Performing Members: Grace Pappalardo, Logan Pedersen, Dave Porath, Sam Peters, Zach Zweifler, Bryce Maurer, Sarah Greer, Brian Glover

Team Description: From the beginning, the Roial Improv Players have been anything but conventional. A group of enthusiastic, outspoken college kids from Michigan State University, this group strives to accept anyone who wants to try their hand at improv and spread the good word about improvisational comedy. The Roial Improv Players were created in the early 2000s along with its mother group, the Roial Players. Completely student run, this rag tag theater troupe has outlasted the odds. With the close of the residential college with which it was affiliated, the Roial Players survived and continued acting and improv-ing. The Roial Improv Players began with only a few members, performing for audiences of 10 to 20 people and learning the ropes as they went. Most of them self taught with little previous experience, the Roial Improv Players created a family of college students who were dedicated to learning and performing improv. Unlike most improv troupes the Players have and will continue to welcome anyone who wants to try their hand at improv. Our group does not hold auditions and embraces improv-ers of all levels and students from all disciplines. Although this sometimes presents a challenge, it helps our team grow, learn from, and support each other.
In recent years, the Roial Improv Players have erupted with new membership and new objectives. Now with upwards of 20 members playing for audiences of over 100, the group has truly flourished. Our team holds monthly shows in our home base theater in the new Residential College in the Arts and Humanities at Michigan State. The college adopted us into their program and we now have a fantastic partnership with the faculty and students. Our shows feature 7 to 9 of our improv-ers and bring in wonderful crowds. Our current team is a delightful mix of new and old, with veteran members, as well as new players who have shown incredible growth and talent. We are so excited to be a part of this year’s College Improv Tournament and brought a team of 8 to represent the great state of Michigan.

Group Name = The Impro-fessionals
College/University = University of Michigan
Performing Members = Rayna Caskey, Michael Fienberg, Willie Filkowski, Dan Gantman, Erik Gothard, Weslie Lechner, Jessica Shost, Sonia Tagari, Sarah Waxman

Group Description = The Impro-fessionals are a combination short-form/long-form improv group that has been performing at Michigan for the past five years. The Impro-fessionals are the University of Michigan Ann Arbor’s youngest improv group, and the only one that performs a hybrid short-form/long-form show. They have a steady following for their shows, which are performed a few times a semester.
The group currently consists of nine members from across the country. A wide variety of improv backgrounds are also represented, including Comedy Sportz (LA), Second City, and various local groups.
The group strives to entertain their audience with high quality improv, going for the big laughs that come from a great scene rather than the cheap ones.

Group Name = The Cosby Sweaters
College/University = Depaul University
Performing Members = Tommy Lowry, Grace Palmer, Logan Breitbart, Amy Rose Ramelli, Julianne Schwartz, Meredith Johnston, Danny Backer, Mimi Dybczak
Non-Performaing Members = Jason Geis – Coach, Drew Current – Coach, Brad Kemp – Music Director

Group Description = DePaul University’s premiere improv team. The Cosby Sweaters are one of the only musical improv college teams in the country and are National Semifinalists 2 years running. We are a pHarm team of pH Productions, and purveyor of quality improv at affordable prices. They are based out of a brand new location at the pH Comedy Theater 1515 Berwyn Ave.

Group Name = No Script Attached
College/University = Dominican University
Performing Members = Sam Zidek, Becca Duff, Alli Braun, Andrea Minchella, Drew Adduci, Axel Vargas-Irlanda, Rosa Terracciano, Michael Melchiorre, Andrew Meissen
Non-Performaing Members = Jason Hodge – Coach, Patrick Serrano – Coach

Group Description = Dominican University’s No Script Attached is the newest of the pH pHarm system. They use their theater background to enrich their improv and approach the artform a little “differently”. 

Group Name = Droppin’ $cience
College/University = Columbia College Chicago
Performing Members = Jamie Jirak, Tyler Davis, Cassie Ahiers, Mike Cullen, Terence Carey, Nick Jester, Hannah Starr, Melissa Endsley, Hal Baum, David Gordesky, Max Lazarine
Non-Performaing Members = Kenny Metroff – Coach, Amy Couey – Coach

Group Description = Droppin’ $cience is the premiere improv group at Columbia College and a member of the pH pHarm program. Their silly, high energy, bordering on chaos style has served them very well. They are the 2-time reigning champs of the Chicago Regional, and the current National Champion. Members from Droppin’ $cience have gone on to do awesome things like play at iO, Second City, Annoyance, pH and most recently one of our alums joined the cast of Saturday Night Live. 

Group Name = Latchkey Kid
College/University = Loyola University
Performing Members = Colleen Prendergast, Alex Gilman, Annie Chimienti, Spenser Kash, Erin Gutknecht, Sara Augustinas, Stewart Jackson, Tim Lavery, RJ Silva, Annie Murphy
Non-Performaing Members = Austin Campion – Coach, Anne Murphy – Coach

Group Description = Loyola’s Latchkey Kid is one of the newer pH pHarm teams. They are made almost entirely of freshmen and sophomores and bring a youthful energy to the stage. They perform regularly on Loyola’s campus and at College Night with pH. 

Group Name = Don’t Call It Bill
College/University = The University of Michigan
Performing Members = Alejandro Fallick, Waleed Mansour, Chad Rhiness, Riley Taggart

Group Description = Don’t Call It Bill is not called Bill. Please don’t call us Bill. Nobody in our group is named Bill and everybody is always like, “Hey, Bill!” We’re not Bill so shut up about it! Using one suggestion, Don’t Call It Bill crafts a loosely connected batch of scenes with joviality and love — Bill

Group Name: Lincoln’s Security Detail

School: Illinois College

Regional Tournament: Windy City Regionals

Performing Members: Willie Barefield, Brian Davenport, Logan Giesing, Carly Holmes, Jordan Jamison, Jonathan Kirkham, Kelsey McFarren, McKenzie Ralph.


Group description: A collection of theatre majors and just plain talented actors, the troupe is open to anyone who can make the audition cut. Formerly working exclusively in short-form, they were inspired by last year’s tournament to work on long-form this year. They were already talking about returning on the ride home last January. This is their second time at the Chicago Improv Festival, and they’re very excited to be here! They hope you enjoy the show as much as they do.


Group Name = The 45 Kings
College/University = Loyola University Chicago
A: Performing Members = Rianne Coale, Eric Rahill, Ben Briggs, Tim Ferrari, George Owens, Dan Black, Sarah Ray
Non-Performaing Members = NoneGroup Description = We are Loyola University’s premiere improv team! We are a group of 7 players (our 8th player just got back from studying abroad), and we love to perform long form improv. Our coach is Caleb George, and he is amazing!
Group Name = The Martha Stewart Home Collection
College/University = Columbia College Chicago
A: Performing Members = Anna Bresnahan, BriElle Munizzi, Charlie Cook, Caitlin McLean, Devlin Marcotte, Eric Somogyi, Jessica Ferolo, Mason Maguire, Nick McDowell, and Tatsue Sera
Group Description = The Martha Stewart Home Collection features a wide array of students with various backgrounds, levels of improv experience, and degrees of sanity. Stemming from the larger Columbia College Improv Club line, The Collection captures the essence of family, a welcoming atmosphere, and a ladleful of fun. That’s right, anyone can enjoy the larger Improv Club line at any time. No auditions or assembly required! This set is sure to make a lovely addition to any home, so please stop by your local Macy’s, Kohl’s, or Dollar General to pick up yours today!

Group Name = Occam’s Razor
College/University = University of Chicago
Performing Members = Thomas Chapman, Annina Christensen, Noah Lee, Ben Bond, Pau, Goodrich, Dan Brier, Sam Karas, Sam Taylor, Tony Ditta, Kylie Zane
Non-Performaing Members = Kirsten Madsen, Manager

Group Description = Occam’s Razor was founded at the University of Chicago in 1999. Some of the warm-up 
games they have invented include Stargazer,Small, Medium, Large, Goodfellas/ 
Greatfellas, Hour-Long Prayer, Hospital Catchphrases, Hum, Ho, Hibble! Return to 
Catchphrase Lake, Back 2 Back, Captain, Stewardess, Pilot, Hairdresser, Uncle Baggz, Acapella Dojo, The Shape, Catchphrase Deli, Bucket of Sweat, Bubbles Bubbles, Miracle Cure, Da Vinci! Catchphrase Countdown, Dream Date, Some Call it Love, And Then What Happened? Catchphrase Funeral, 5-Second Sitcom, CSI: Bait Shop, How Did It Feel? Loose Lippz, 3, 2, 1, Prom Date! Thief’s Breath, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Catchphrase, Ocean Sounds, Old Bird, Young Bird, and an original variation of Zip! 
Zap! Zop! called Zip! Zap! Zop! Zepp! Zeeb! They perform both short form and long form shows on the University of Chicago campus and invite you to visit their Facebook page ( for show dates and a complete list of warm-up games.

Group Name = Off Off Campus
College/University = University of Chicago
Performing Members = Davio Cianci, Will Stack, Peter Herman, Eric Stone
Non-Performaing Members = Hilary Clifford, Sam Blobaum, Jacob Becker, Brent Rappaport, Patrick Ford, Janet Xu, Haley Johnson, Harmon Siegle, Molly Miller, Evan Weiss, Ariana Nedelman, Alex Stein, Paul Chang, Harrison Kaufman, Dan Ackerman, Danny Patton, Kevin Shang, Peter Moller, Karlee Esmailli, and Jenny Keroack

Group Description = OffOff Campus is the second oldest student improvisational theater troupe in the country with the first generation dating back to 1986. In the 1950’s, a group of University Chicago students formed the Compass Players on campus, and in 1959, the group became The Second City. In 1986, U of C alum and Second City co-founder Bernie Sahlins (A.B. ’43) returned to the University campus in order to begin a south side group to rival his north side creation. Sahlins trained the first Generation of OffOff Campus in the art of sketch and improv comedy, and his knowledge and training regiment has been passed down through 27 generations of Off Off Campus. Since 1986 OffOff Campus has entertained thousands of Chicagoans with its unmistakable mix of improv, sketch, and musical comedy. Off Off Campus performs on campus at the University of Chicago, at University Church in the Blue Gargoyle Theater. Off Off Campus never performs the same show twice! Like them on Facebook for info on tickets, show times, improv tips from the pros and exclusive video content!




CIT Northwest Regional Champion
UBC Improv
University of British Columbia
Jet City Improv

5510 University Way NE

Seattle, WA 98105

Match Schedule
3pm Match
Collective – University of Washington-Seattle
Dead Parrots Society – Western Washington University
SCRIPTed– Lewis & Clark College
The Significant Others – University of Portland
5pm Match
UBCimprov – University of British Columbia
Varsity Nordic – Whitman College
The Ministry of Madness – Green River Community College
Absolute Improv – University of Oregon
Clay Crows – Pacific Lutheran University
8pm Finals Match
3pm winner
5pm winner
Wildcard team (best of the second place teams)

Group Name = The Dead Parrots Society
College/University = Western Washington University
Performing Members = Zach Wymore, Jake Barrow, Elizabeth Andrews, Ali Khan, Greg Phelps, Tobias Childs (alternate)
Non-Performaing Members = Mario Orallo-Molinaro, Michael Brannan, Levi Friedman, Katie Heath, Jon Ramsey 

Group Description = The Dead Parrots Society has provided Western Washington University with its unique brand of improv since 1998. DPS is completely student-run and performs longform improv regularly throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

Group Name = SCRIPTed
College/University = Lewis & Clark
Performing Members = Brandon Ceislak, Liz Horton, David Oehler, Webster Rasmussen, Jake Simonds.
Non-Performaing Members = Corey McCarey
Group Description = Since 2007, SCRIPTed has played matchmaker between the Lewis & Clark community and great improv. SCRIPTed stands for the Serious Club’s Really Intense Performance troupe. SCRIPTed has performed in Seattle, Vancouver, the greater Portland area, and last spring one of our performers got recognized by a random fan in London, England!
Group Name = Varsity Nordic
College/University = Whitman College
A: Performing Members = Hannah Davenport, Kinsey White, Henry Nolan, Nick Cross, Sam Gelband, Ailie Kerr, Eli Zavatsky, Rose Gottlieb, Jeremy Howell, Sam Halgren, Cory Rand
Group Description = Varsity Nordic is Whitman College’s premier long-form improv team.

Group Name = The Significant Others
College/University = University of Portland
Performing Members = Jacquelyn Ackerson, Rachel Van Nes, Ben Mesches, Ryan Belise, Matt Tominaga, Devin Helmgren, Beau Borek
Non-Performaing Members = Zach Nye, Allie Seibert, Nate Mattix

Group Description = The Significant Others is a self-taught improv troupe in the University of Portland’s improv club,the Bluffoons. We are team of students who focus on finding the humor and lightheartedness of every situation and creating a welcoming environment for every UP student who joins our ranks,

Group Name = The Ministry of Madness
College/University = Green River Community College
Performing Members = Jedd Bingham, Sarah Flory, Sean Wagemans, Amanda Olsen, Jake Cossio, Kyle Richardson, Justin Miller, Brandon Haddix (Alternate)

Group Description = The Ministry of Madness is Green River’s Improv Troupe and the first and only theater club on our campus! We have been active since early 2011 and perform a wide variety of forms and structures in efforts to create a strong theatrical outlet for all students!

Group Name = The Collective
College/University = University of Washington
Performing Members = Carl Powers, Kayla Hornbrook, Byron Wu, Alex Lafnitzegger, Mallory Gillin, Suz Boretz, Kevin Lin, Ada Waelder, Maddie Hamel, Paul Lau (tech), Risa Wampler (tech)
Non-Performaing Members = Celia Gurney, Elliott Adler, Shawnee Luciani, Olivia Sommers, Jacob Williams, Andrew Kimitsuka, Adam Moshcatel, Rebecca Wyman

Group Description = The Collective is UW’s Best and Only Improv troupe. We bring comedy goodness right here in Seattle through our shows, workshops, and campus shenanigans. Our goal is to remind our audiences what it means to play.

Group Name = UBCimprov
College/University = University of British Columbia
Performing Members = Zach Wolfman, Jordan Moore, Noah Goldenberg, Ghazal Azarbad, Kelsey Land

Group Description = UBCimprov has been breaking funny bones on campus since 1999. We are a power-packed comedy juggernaut that assaults all that is dreary and unimaginative about the post-secondary experience. Stealing stories from the doldrums of the uninspired, we improvise a theatrical roller-coaster that does not comply with any of British Columbia’s safety standards. 

Group Name = Absolute Improv
College/University = University of Oregon
Performing Members = Suzanna Akins, Maddie Dunkelberg, Ryan Hoefle, John Jeffrey, Rhiannah Johnson, Olivia Walton
Non-Performaing Members = Sam Cain, Martin Diaz-Valdez, Evan Marshall, Zoe Muellner

Group Description = Absolute Improv has been gigging across Eugene, Oregon for over eighteen years. Their venues range from Lord Leebrick Theater, to the Green Room Comedy Club. Absolute plays in both longform and shortform improv, and collaborates as a student-run group at the UO. All members enjoy long walks on the beach, holding hands, and pina coladas.


Group Name = Clay Crows
College/University = Pacific Lutheran University
Performing Members = Myia Johnson, Alie Shultz, Jessica Lenczycki, and Thomas Robinson.
Group Description = The Clay Crows are Pacific Lutheran University’s premiere and only improv troupe. Founded in 2007 They Crows play around in long and short form and host improvisation  workshops for anyone interested.
CIT Liberty Bell Regional Champion
The Buttered Niblets
Johns Hopkins University
Liberty Bell Regional Recap

Philly Improv Theater, 

@ The Adrienne Skybox

2030 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Match Schedule
2pm Match
Improv 101 – LaSalle University
Without a Net – University of Pennsylvania
Indoor Voices – American University
The Loaf – Shenandoah University
4pm Match
Buttered Niblets – Johns Hopkins University
The Bureau – University of Maryland College Park
Improv Molotov – Millersville University
Drexel Football Team – Drexel University
8pm Finals Match
2pm winner
4pm winner
Wildcard team (best of the second place teams)

Group Name = Improv 101
College/University = La Salle University
Performing Members = Pat Dohony, Jamie Glasheen, Brian McCarthy, Sean Gubitosi, Emily Caine, Kevin Mahon, CJ Rumer, Caitlin O’Malley

Group Description = Improv 101 is an improvisational comedy group made up of undergrad La Salle students. We specialize in short-form improv games and performances in seedy back alleys.

Group Name: Without a Net
College/University: University of Pennsylvania
Performing Members: Faryn Pearl, Alex Pleet, Gabe Jimenez, Jonah Meyerson, Jacob Kornman, Artem Nurlat
Non-Performing Members: Caroline Claflin
Team Description: We’re the University of Pennsylvania’s best (and only) improvised comedy troupe.

Group Name = Improv Molotov
College/University = Millersville University
Performing Members = Aaron Dake, Alex Dorsheimer, Paul Goraczko, Jessica Lieb, Kathleen Verbo, Emily Rissinger, Henry Wagner, Jaun Diehl, Tommy Yu 

Group Description = We are Improv Molotov, the only improv troupe in the Millersville area. We represent Millersville University, a small rural college outside Lancaster, PA. We are comprised of about 10 socially inept individuals from many walks of life. 

Group Name: Indoor Voices
College/University: American University
Performing Members: Shawn Bush, Thomas Cheng, Colin Dame, Jeff Friedman, Virginia Lyon, Madeline Wolfson
Team Description: Indoor Voices is comprised of six members of American University’s improv troupeMission: Improv-able. Yes, we know how many other groups use this name; it’s been around for two decades before any of us joined. We pride ourselves on how we utilize our diverse styles of humor to create unforgettable improv. Our voices are indoor, but we’re anything but quiet!

Group Name = The Buttered Niblets
College/University = Johns Hopkins University
Performing Members = Pamela Hugi, Morris Kraicer, Hilary Parker, Malcolm Douglas, Matt Myers, Claire Rosen, Jen Diamond, Neil Chapel


Group Description = The Buttered Niblets are Johns Hopkins University premier Comedy Improv Troupe. They like their improv long and they like their improv short, but most of all they like you.

Group Name = The Bureau
College/University = University of Maryland
Performing Members = Matan Berkowitz, Alex Zito, Matt DeCaro, Marty Thompson, Collin Baker and Chicken Daddy


Group Description = 8=====Dignified.

Group Name = The Loaf
College/University = Shenandoah University
A: Performing Members = Deirdre Dillon, Tom Cannan, Allison Petrillo, Caleb Forsythe, Eric Nauman, Kacey Willis, Spencer Streno, Allen Law, Desiree Dabney, Zane Rerek, Michael Pellegrino, Brandon Spann

Group Description = Shenandoah’s one and only (bread based) improv/ 
sketch comedy troupe. We enjoy bread puns, making people laugh and long walks on the beach. So get ready for that.

Group Name = Drexel Football Team
College/University = Drexel University
Performing Members = Erica Pike, Sean Huber, Chad Fisher, Ross Reagan, Alix Leszczynski, Edric Garcia, Mary Perry, Nicholas Maleno 
Non-Performaing Members = Frieda Beckerman

Group Description = The Drexel Football Team is the official student-run Improv Comedy team of Drexel University. Established in 2005, the team has performed pubed and competed in improv shows around the Northeast, as well as multiple performances on Drexel’s Pubey campus every year. All of the on campus performances are free to the public and feature a collection of wacky games, scenes, and audience participation; ALL improvised right on the spot. No pubes scripts whatsoever (no really, we tried that once and it didn’t work. There are NO scripts) We perform a mix of Long Form Improv, a number of scenes that are loosely connected by a common theme, setting, story, word or character – Free form improv if you will – and Short Form pube Improv, which is based on a pube number of different games, each with their own set of rules and gimmicks ranging from simple to complex.



CIT Southwest Regional Champion
Glaundor – University of Houston
The Hideout Theatre
617 Congress Ave
Austin, TX 78701
Match Schedule

5pm Match

Cricket City Improv – Texas A&M – Commerce

Don’t Ask Me How – Austin College

Glaundor – University of Houston

Alternative Fuels – Texas Tech University

7pm Match

Left Right TIM – University of Colorado Boulder

Bear Minimum – Texas A&M Corpus Christi

Senseless Acts of Comedy – Texas Christian University

Spontaneous Combustion – Rice University

9pm Match

Gigglepants – UT Austin

Phortasics – University of Houston

Lazer Minnelli – Univerity of North Texas

Out on a Limb – NSU

Theatre Strike Force – University of Florida

11pm Finals Match

5pm Winner

7pm Winner

9pm Winner

Wildcard Team (Best of Second Place Teams)

Performing Members = Timothy Callais 
Sharla Mills 
Beau Wilson 
Brittany McMahon 
Tyler Price 
Shannon Harger 
Allen Powers
Non-Performing members = Cameron Metrejean

Team DescriptionOUT ON A LIMB‘s Faculty Advisor, Scott Burrell founded the troupe several years ago as a Comedy Sports team. After attending our first College Improv Tournament in 2009, our current Captain, Timothy Callais enrolled in iO Chicago’s 2010 Summer Intensive. 

Group Name Phortasics
College or University – University of Houston

Team Description Phortasics is Houston’s newest long-form improv troupe, based out of the University of Houston. A Phortasics show begins with a single suggestion from the audience, and then blossoms into a many-splendored world of wonder and whimsy!

Performing Members 

AmyJo Foreman, Ben Gammack, Brendon Lara, Christine Arnold, Christine Wines, Max Holkan, Paige Wharton, Robert Price, Vic Shuttee

Group Name = Bear Minimum
College/University = Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi
Performing Members = Kevin Fredrick, Jamie Goodman, Austin Vaught, Malcolm Petty, Jason Mott, David Serna

Group Description = Bear Minimum was founded on a camping trip in the Appalachian Mountains where a magical bear abducted the group for three days. No one will speak of what happened, but on the third day Bear Minimum emerged from the forest hungry for the souls of other improvisers.

Group Name = Glaundor
College/University = The University of Houston
Performing Members = Jason Ronje, Kevin Lusignolo, Kirk Ellis, Colin David, Adam Sowers, Andrew Garrett, Saurabh Pande

Group Description = What happens when the North star leads you South? 
Euphoric, transcendent, Haliburton-esque. 

Group Name = Spontaneous Combustion
College/University = Rice University
Performing Members = Ian Campbell, Adrien Pellerin, Hurst Williamson, Sal Testa, John Mendell
Non-Performaing Members = Jake Hassell, Westin Williams, Ben Hamm Conard

Group Description = We are Rice University’s first and foremost improv troupe catering to all the improv needs of the Houston area and they are plentiful. Mixing in both long and short form, Spontaneous Combustion is there to spread improv love to the college campus.

Group Name = Alternative Fuels
College/University = Texas Tech University
Performing Members = Ryan Russell, Matt Plummer, Casey Joiner, Cody Lindley, Tom Laney, and Nicole Amos

Group Description = Do you like comedy? Do you like West Texas? Do you love being entertained by spontaneity? Do you eat sandwiches with mustard? How about with mayo? Is your favorite color blue? How many siblings do you have? Are you tired of these unnecessary questions? Too Bad. How much weight do you gain during holidays? Can you bench press 150 lbs? Is your celebrity crush Brad Pitt? Ours too. We’re Alternative Fuels!

Group Name = Cricket City 
College/University = Texas A&M University-Commerce
Performing Members = Melissa Archer, Bailie Avrit, Sean Bates, Michael Cody Blan, Glenn Davis, Kenny Scarberry
Non-Performaing Members = Michael Adeyemo, Kym Baxter, Brittney Bowen, Jacob Layton, Ronald Leonard, Andrew Milke, Victoria Walters 

Group Description = Cricket City Improv is based out of Texas A&M University-Commerce, but we are East Texas’s premier Improv troupe. One day we were walking down the street, improving, when out of the sky appeared an angel, an angel that sent us on a quest to fill the world with laughter, watch out other troupes because Crickets are everywhere! 

Group Name = Senseless Acts of Comedy
College/University = Texas Christian University
Performing Members = Daniel Floren, Pearce Byrd, Grant Moore, Kelly Ryan, Holly Whitt, Connor Paden, Ben Yoder, Jon Barnes, Brett Hildebrand, Jeffrey Chatman, Tori Twomey


Group Description = Senseless Acts of Comedy, or SAC for short, is a long form and short form troupe hailing from TCU in Fort Worth. We recently celebrated our tenth anniversary on campus, where we put on shows every Thursday night at 9pm. If you need to know any more about us be sure to check your local library. 

Group Name = Don’t Ask Me How
College/University = Austin College
Performing Members = Maddy Fouga, Julio Malave-Torres, Spencer Nystrom, Jessica Shanks, Conner Skinner, Nicholas Tanner, Sarah Wilhelm, Harrison Wilkie

Group Description = We hail from Sherman, and through the long and short, the musical and the machine, we have faced the forms of improv, met astounding characters, visited worlds that no man ought have seen. Performing since 2007, we come to Austin to invite you to the realms fantastic.


Group Name = Theatre Strike Force
College/University = University of Florida
Performing Members = Bradley Hersch, Taylor Gonzalez, Nick Slater, Jacki Schwarz, Dan LeVine, Sami Main
Non-Performaing Members = Patrick Hart

Group Description = Theatre Strike is one of the nation’s largest college improv clubs, with over 100 members every year. Representing them in CIT is “The Sunday Group”, the premier long-form team of the club.


Group Name = Left Right TIM
College/University = University of Colorado Boulder
Performing Members = Parker Richards, Zach Morin, Peter Cirkovic, Kailyn Bennett, Colleen Ryan, Kay Ren, Smith Johnston, Josh Scott


Group Description = Left Right TIM is CU Boulder’s Premiere Improv Comedy Troupe. Born from the ashes of Gods, the members of Left Right TIM are.  

Group Name = Gigglepants
College/University = UT Austin
Performing Members = Huy Nguyen, Nadia Khalid, Thomas Kelleher, Garrett Meeks, Isaac Benavidez, Evan T. Atherton, Reid O’Conor

Group Description = Gigglepants is UT Austin’s best and only improv troupe. We perform short-form improv comedy every other week to packed crowds in auditoriums on campus. Gigglepants practices “good, clean fun” meaning our improv is good, clean, and fun. 




CIT Heartland Regional Completed!
Congratulations to the new CIT Heartland Regional Champions –


The Best Best Friends
from the University of Missouri!

And to Second place (and possible Wild Card team)
also from Mizzou – Dadprov!

Comedy City

817 Westport Road, Kansas City, MO

Match Schedule


1pm match

Here Me Out – University of Missouri

Zoiks! – Emporia State

Flatliners Improv – Missouri Valley College

Cardinal’s Jesters – William Jewell College

3pm match

Action Pact – MidAmerica Nazerene University

Spiked Punch Lines Improv – University of Tulsa

On The Spot – Kansas State University

The Best Best Friends – University of Missouri

5pm match

Sloppy Joes – Newman University

K.A.R.L. – Washington University in St. Louis

Dadprov – University of Missouri

Punchline Players, State Fair Community College

10pm Finals Match

1pm Match Winner

3pm Match Winner

5pm Match Winner

Wildcard (Best of 2nd Place Teams)

Group Name = The Flatliners
College/University = Missouri Valley College
Performing Members = Sequan Davison, Caitlynn Davidson, Crystal Mann, Tommy Waller, Clayton Sullivan, Carrie Palmer, Raymond Banks
Non-Performaing Members = Kate Rueter, Wade Hughes, Harold Hynick

Group Description = The Flatliners are the resident improv troupe at MVC and perform at High Schools through out the state.

Group Name = Sloppy Joes
College/University = Newman University
Performing Members = Rebekah Baldridge, Pancho Fields, Brittany Jonas, Sara Ast, Andrew Hild, Alison Byrne, Emma Mattingly

Group Description = When we make a sandwich, we carefully craft it from the finest ingredients. So here at Newman University when we wanted to make an improv troupe, we selected the freshest, most diverse, and most flavorful folks from every department and activity and level of strangeness at Newman, and threw them together in one blackbox theatre to see what would happen. The result is a taste sensation that delights our audiences and yet, somehow, leaves them hungry for more and more and more.

Group Name: Cardinals’ Jesters
College/University: William Jewell College
Performing Members: Max Frankel, Aaron Denney, Ryan Buell, Donald
Prusha, Caitlin Crawford

Team Description: The Cardinals’ Jesters are the official improv
troupe of William Jewell College.  They bring the funny to the
students on campus for free every month, performing both short and
long form sets in their beloved Browning Theater, which doubles as a
nursing lecture hall since early 2011.

Group Name = Zoiks! Improv Comedy Troupe
College/University = Emporia State University
Performing Members = Bryce Cooke, Andrew McCutcheon, Emma DePriest, Austin Schopper, Shane Hollern, Justin Rahe, Amanda RyanGroup Description = The Zoiks Improv Comedy Troupe is Emporia State University’s premiere improv and sketch comedy performance group. Zoiks performs regularly on and off the ESU Campus. Just recently, Zoiks opened for the Black and White Comedy Tour and will open for Upright Citizens Brigade later this semester.

Group Name = On The Spot Improv
College/University = Kansas State University
Performing Members = Alec Todd, Shelby Storrie, Brady Bauman, Jordan Crook, Danny Neely, Val Rock, James Krotz, and Matt Roeder

Group Description = This is On The Spot’s fourth year in existence and third year performing at CIT. We’ve done shortform, longform, workshops, dinner theaters, and the occasional wedding or bar mitzvah. 

Group Name = Dadprov
College/University = University of Missouri
Performing Members = Ian Sobule 
Eric Dude 
Dillon Cassidy

Group Description = Just a couple of guys from MU Improv that like dads.

Group Name = Action Pact
College/University = MidAmerica Nazarene University
Performing Members = Molly Harmel, Josiah Crandall, Alex Wilson, Rachel Gall, Matt Borger, Joey Alligier

Group Description = Action Pact is MidAmerica Nazarene University’s improv group performing in surrounding states and on campus. The group performs two – three times a month and has been in existence for six years.

Group Name = Hear Me Out
College/University = MIzzou
Performing Members = -Sara Dennis, Caleb Doyle, Mason Kerwick, Hunter Lehr, Dan Leo, Steve Sheehan

Group Description = We’re like Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Plus two more people. One is a girl.

Group Name = K.A.R.L. Improv
College/University = Washington University in St. Louis, MO
Performing Members = Caryn Rubanovich, Carina Fowler, Will Jacobs, Kate Drummond, Alex Antrum, Connor McEvoy, Ben Cutler, Jessie Joseph, Lianna Cohen, Dera Ikeme, Nathan Wolf, Alex Mitchell

Group Description = KARL improv is a short-form improv group hailing from Washington University in St. Louis, MO. Founded in the early 21st century, KARL improv has grown over the years and has performed in numerous festivals including the Gainesville Improv Festival and the CIT regional 2012. KARL improv is also host to the Pandamonium Improv Festival held in St. Louis, MO. In Spring 2012, KARL was named “Best Collegiate Improv Group,” by popular vote in the Inny Awards. 

Group Name = The Best Best Friends
College/University = University of Missouri
Performing Members = Drew Kohler, Jake Wallach, and Clint Cannon
Non-Performaing Members = Schuyler WeinbergGroup Description = We’re Best Best Friends, and you’ll never know the Weinberg.
Group Name = Spiked Punch Lines Improv
College/University = The University of Tulsa
Performing Members = Anna Bennett, Stephen Lowe, Beth Geatches, Evan Fenska, Eli Wright, Matthew Bonadona
Group Description = Spiked Punch Lines Improv is the University of Tulsa’s first and only improvisation group. Started in 2009, they specialize in short-form improv and bring a cheap and hilarious alternative to planned entertainment to the stages of Tulsa. Spiked Punch Lines Improv performs regularly on TU’s campus and offers many styles of improv workshops, boasting a membership of 30+ improvisers!
Group Name = Punchline Players
College/University = State Fair Community College
Performing Members = Anthony Alverez, Brice Brewer, Ersery, Devin, Heather Hill, Sarah Hill, Stephen Klee, James SheppardGroup Description: The Punchline Players are a rambunctious group of improvisers who have been stranded at state fairs.
Golden Gate Regional Champion
Awkward Silence
University of San Francisco
The Un-Scripted Theater

533 Sutter Street, Second Floor

Match Schedule

8pm Match

Awkward Silence – University of San Francisco
Stanford Improvisers – Stanford University
TBD – University of California Berkeley

Group Name = TBD Comedy
College/University = Universtiy of California, Berkeley
Performing Members = 9 to 10
Non-Performaing Members = 2 to 3
Group Description = TBD Comedy is UC Berkeley’s only improv group that does both short-form and long-form. We love’em both! Our mission is to constantly grow as performers and promote the growth of improv in the Cal community. We love performing for our fans, the Cal community, and whomever will have us. We look forward to performing in the 2013 CIT Golden Gate Regional!
Group Name = Awkward Silence
College/University = University of San Francisco
Performing Members = Lucas Waldron, Dana Robie, Alex Krikorian, Astrea Centin, Lauren Bellenie, Shanna McHugh, Stevie Saunders, Alec Kaplan, Elizabeth Anderson
Group Description = Awkward Silence is University of San Francisco’s best and most attractive short-form improv comedy team.
Group Name = Stanford Improvisors (SImps)
College/University = Stanford University
Performing Members = TBA
Non-Performaing Members = TBA
Group Description = The SImps love improv, plus they’re Stanford’s only improv troupe, so they do it a lot.



Lower Midwest Regional Champion
Improv Mafia
Illinois State University
ComedySportz Indianapolis

721 Massachusetts ave

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Match Schedule

1pm Match
Awkward Silence – Indiana University
ImprompTU – Transylvania University
DeBono – University of Illinois
Crazy Monkeys – Purdue University
3pm Match
Spicy Clamato – University of Illinois
Ship of Fools – Purdue University
Fishbowl Improv – Ohio State University
Full Frontal Comedy – Indiana University
5pm Match
Sketched Out – Miami University of Oxford, Ohio
Improv Mafia – Illinois State University
ABSO Improv Comedy – Ball State University
Humor Artists – Norte Dame University

10pm finals
1pm winner
3pm winner
5pm winner

Group Name = DeBono
College/University = University of Illinois
Performing Members = Jordan Lange, Jaime Lemens, Nicholas Dietrich, Julie Brady, Terrance Rogers, David Naber, Brendan Sweeney, Jessica Shyrock
Non-Performaing Members = Kimi Arquines, Clare Cutler

Group Description = DeBono is a longform musical improv comedy group. We are the longest running longform group at University of Illinois. We come from all different majors and just LOVE performing and watching improv comedy!

Group Name = Spicy Clamato
College/University = University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Performing Members = Maddie Murphy, Robel Arega, Paul Finn, Nick Martin, Sam April, Liam Burns, Ethan Robisch, Jordan Lange, Cara Collins 

Group Description = Spicy Clamato is a short-form improvisational group. We utilize a variety of two-person and multi-person games in our sets. We also ask the audience for multiple suggestions throughout the set. 

Group Name = Ship of Fools
College/University = Purdue University
Performing Members = Kate Borders, Jeremy Starks, Becky Krause, Leah Hedrick, Luke Poole, Gavin Pugh, David Felts, Josiah Telschow, Adam Weatherford

Group Description = We are a short-form improv group experimenting with various long-form setups. We host the Purdue Improv Club, which allows Purdue students to try their hand at improv. We are excited to be part of the CIT this year!


Group Name = The Humor Artists
College/University = University of Notre Dame
Performing Members = Miranda Brickner, Cameron Cortens, Elise Eiden, Dan Sullivan, Alec Vanthournout
Non-Performaing Members = Dani Dorrego, Stephen Elser, Brian Rodgers, Conor Hanney,

Group Description = The Humor Artists are Notre Dame’s premier (and only) improv troupe. Under the tutelage of the wonderful Meghan Brown, we perform regular long- and short-form shows in the Michiana area. 


Group Name = Abso Improv Comedy
College/University = Ball State University
Performing Members = Brody Goodnight, Jimmy Guerrero, Ethan Johnson, Megan Spencer, Erin Schend, Jake Kryshak, Skyler Blevins, David Tarsha, Alex Waite, Katie Kincaid 
Non-Performaing Members = Will Jervis

Group Description = Abso Improv Comedy is Ball State’s premiere Improv troupe. Founded 21 years ago the group strives to keep comedy alive and kickin amongst the Ball State campus. Abso practices twice a week and has shows twice a month. Whether on stage or off you can see member hanging out together most of the time. Abso isn’t just an improv troupe, they are a family. 

Group Name = Improv Mafia
College/University = Illinois State University
Performing Members = Jason Raymer, Robert Leahy, Kyle McClevey, Carlos Kmet, Fiona Stephens, Liz Dillard, Jason Snyder
Non-Performaing Members = Dee Savaria, Ally Morton, Garrett Douglas, Devin PriorGroup Description = Created in 1999, Improv Mafia is Illinois State University’s one and only improv troupe. They perform free weekly shows on ISU’s campus that are open to students and the public. Mafia’s repertoire includes short, long and experimental forms of improv.
Group Name = ImprompTU
College/University = Transylvania University
Performing Members = Alex Cheser, Andrew Traughber, Cameron Lindsey, Chloe King, Cory Collins
Non-Performaing Members = Josiah Knight, Garrett Gabriel, Taylor Deaton, Heidi Clark, Stephannie Bostick
Group Description = We are a bunch of friends that put on shows on our little liberal arts campus for some big crowds from all around Lexington, KY. We have been presenting short-form and long-form shows every month for the past four years, and we hope to stick around for a while longer too!
Group Name = Sketched Out
College/University = Miami University of Oxford, Ohio
Performing Members = Mike Gospel, Joseph Bushur, Laura Palmer, Johnny Griffin, Sarah Duncan, Laura Feldmeyer, Scott Dalton, Lizzie Docel, Christian Corpora
Group Description = Sketched Out is Miami University’s best and only improv group. We do little skits.
Group Name = DLB
College/University = University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Performing Members = Mateo Hurtado, David Naber, Zeynep Ali, Petra Forsythe, Terrance Rogers, Liam Burns
Group Description = Team DLB specializes in the Armando Long Form Improv Technique!
Group Name = Awkward Silence Comedy
College/University = Indiana University – Bloomington
Performing Members = Ian Martin, Jessye Mueller, Ted Ofner, Daniel Versweyveld
Group Description = Awkward Silence Comedy is a close knit ensemble, focusing primarily on long form, who come together to weave a tapestry of eclectic characters and relationship based scenes. Each performance is an explosive romp through the collective consciousness of the ensemble. Ultimately this experimental group stays grounded by their Midwestern values! Awkward Silence performs weekly in the Indiana Memorial Union and venues throughout the country including, CIT, the Del Close Marathon in New York, the Fracas Improv Festival in LA, the Bellwether Improv Festival, and the Malignant Humor Comedy Festival.
Group Name = The Crazy Monkeys
College/University = Purdue University
Performing Members = Casey Drummer, Jason Van Houten, Michael Sullivan, Aaren Kracich, Michelle La Follette, Christina Buckley
Group Description = We are Purdue’s premier improv comedy group, specializing in a mix of long and short form.
Group Name = Ok Batman
College/University = University of Illinois
Performing Members = Paul Twarowski, Kate Dorhout, Robel Arega, Nicholas Dietrich, Julie Brady
Non-Performaing Members = Anna Gooler
Group Description = Ok Batman is a long-form improv group from the University of Illinois. This will be their first appearance as Ok Batman.
Group Name = Full Frontal Comedy
College/University = Indiana University
Performing Members = Peter Carey, Jeff Jensen, Nick Haddad, Michael Haluska, Patrick Loughery, Sam Doughty, Emily Mange, Stephanie Katz, Max Zander
Group Description = Based in Bloomington, Indiana on the beautiful campus of Indiana University, Full Frontal Comedy performs long-form, deep dish, “Chicago-style” improv spiced up with some short improv games and sketches. Full Frontal keeps audiences engaged in the aisles with their unscripted, imaginative, and completely hilarious shows.
CIT South Regional Champion
The Mobb Line
Savannah College of Art and Design
Dad’s Garage

280 Elizabeth Street Northeast, Atlanta, GA

Match Schedule


2pm match

Superhuman Moonbots – University of Central Florida

Wingmen – University of New Orleans

KISS – Kennesaw State University

Schticks & Giggles – Piedmont College

4pm match

Last Ones Picked – Vanderbilt University

Far Sketched – Anderson University

Improv Athens – University of Georgia

Goodprov Badprov – University of Central Florida

6pm match

Treble Makers – University of Florida

Toast – University of South Carolina

The Yes Andersons – Vanderbilt University

Mobb Line – Savannah College of Art & Design

8pm Finals

2pm match winner

4pm match winner

6pm match winner

Wildcard Team

Group NameSchticks & Giggles
College or University = Piedmont College
Performing Members = Matt McClure, Melissa Rice, Ben Cissé, Nic Sridej, 
Oliver Merritt, Justin Gilleland 

Team Description = A fairly new troupe, this is Schticks & Giggles‘s fourth year in existence. Six of the members will be performing at the tournament, but in total we have a twelve member troupe that performs a variety of shows throughout the year, two of which include charity performances where we raise money for nearby organizations. We’re looking to expand our knowledge of improv and connect with people who love it as much as we do, and we think the College Improv Tournament would be a great place to do that.

Group Name = Improv Athens
College/University = The University of Georgia
Performing Members = John David Williams, Dane Troy, Bradley Bazzle, Cole Earnest, Wes Parrish, Shelli Delgado, Jason Burwell

Group Description = Our mission is to provide high-quality, enjoyable, affordable improvisational theatre to the University of Georgia community, Athens, GA, and the surrounding area, as well as, to instruct and welcome any individual interested in improvisational theatre.

Group Name = The Treble Makers
College/University = University of Florida
Performing Members = David Mucci, Zachary Peterson, Rachel Newman, Ishin Iwasaki, Michael Pomerantz, Kevin Tra
Non-Performaing Members = Nick Slater

Group Description = Established in 2011, The Treble Makers are the University of Florida’s premier musical improv troupe. They provide comedic relief and the sweet sounds of music to varying audiences across the state of Florida. So sit back, laugh, cry, and watch them shake up the improv world.

Group Name = Mobb Line
College/University = Savannah College of Art and Design
Performing Members = Maddy Buxton, Kamille Dawkins, Charlie Hafer, AJ Jennings, Ian Mather, Chris Mayers, Cody Murphy, Anne-Marie Trabolsi, Sara Turner

Group Description = Mobb Line, now in its third year, is part of a growing improv community at SCAD. Last year was our first time at C.I.T. and it was a great to see what other groups are doing, share ideas and talk improv. We’re exploring long form improv and looking forward to another C.I.T.

Group Name = K.I.S.S. (Kennesaw Improv Society, Stupid!)
College/University = Kennesaw State University 
Performing Members = Zach Bromberg, Molly Gilmartin, Emily Wolfe, Michael Butler 
Maged Roushdi, Qate Bean
Non-Performaing Members = Jamie Bullins

Group Description = “Improv Dangerously” is the mantra. No blood, no foul. Side-splitting, surprising and, sometimes, absolutely silly. Keep your hands and feet inside the ride folks. Buckle up. 

Group Name = Wingmen
College/University = University of New Orleans
Performing Members = Matthew Ethan Carmichael
Danny Abel

Group Description = Break-off two-man show representing the University of New Orleans troupe F.D.R. Improv.

Group Name = Toast
College/University = University of South Carolina
Performing Members = Marissa Gastelle, Max Lasser, Victoria Whitten, Casey Clough, Alexandra Herstik, Nick Ducko, Lloyd Kimpton
Non-Performaing Members = Liam Macdougal, Ryan Stevens

Group Description = Twelve years ago our founders ran out of paper but needed to print flyers for an improv show. They grabbed a piece of bread and thus Toast was born and a printer broken. 
9 members strong Toast is looking forward to learning from new people and taking the show on the road.

Group Name = Goodprov Badprov
College/University = University of Central Florida
Performing Members = Alex Bair, Tommy Bowe, Alex Hluch, Jamie O’Neil, Ryan O’Toole, Kody Schmidt
Non-Performaing Members = Sara Ambra, Sofia Ambra, Alex Hehr, Jamie Aronson

Group Description = A group, forged by raw emotion and other materials, that has been around for a little over a year. We specialize in doing things as well as hanging out. It’s a difficult job, but some one has to do it.

Group Name = Superhuman Moonbots

College/University = University of Central Florida

Performing Members = Danielle Clarke, Kelly DeMent, Billy Fisher, Taylor Frost, Zack Wright
Non-Performaing Members = Katelynn Johnson, Douglas Jensen, Alexa Rahmanparast

Group Description = On the snow capped peaks of the tallest mountain in the world, five brothers united to forge the greatest alliance ever know by any humans in the history of ever. The rest you just kind of have to connect the dots and throw in whatever you think is probably true.
Group Name = The Yes Andersons
College/University = Vanderbilt University
Performing Members = Jessica D’Angelo, David Johnson, Brian Cooper, Peter Linck, Matthew Preston, William Hillsman, Adina Rosenberg
Group Description = The Yes Andersons are a group whose sum is greater than its parts. We love each other and improvise for each other. No risk is too great. When it happens, you’ll know it.
Group Name = Last One’s Picked
College/University = Vanderbilt University
Performing Members = Alex Lovely, Robert Hiland, Brendan Gray, Lauren Mandel, Katherine Smith, Charles “Dante” Thomas
Group Description = Because once upon a time, we were…and you were, too.
Group Name = Far Sketched
College/University = Anderson University
Performing Members = Matt Reiser, Taylor Dorsett, Hollie Griffin, Dustin Bays, Norma Zupko, Eric Black, Tyler Prescott, Jake Collins
Group Description = Short form improv group from Anderson, SC.